Welcome, new recruit.

I am Mick, the leader of this quest.  We have put on our chain mail, readied the horses, drawn plans for our odyssey and are ready to move out!  Are you ready to join me on this seemingly impossible excursion?!?!

A little about me… 

Ok, enough with the melodramatics.  Welcome to my info page where you can take a glimpse at the inner workings of an avid fitness wannabe-guru.  I’m your typical (or perhaps not so typical?) 20-something year old from the birthplace of computer technology and starbucks, Washington. 

I can’t get enough information about body building, burning fat, functional strength exercises and reading about the plethora of diet programs out there.  I created this blog to show what it takes (ongoing personal diet/fitness diary) to take on this mythical beast as well as the side quests (random tidbits of information) that will aide in this journey.  I am determined that by May of 07′  I will have achieved this goal.

 I grew up on two of the biggest major no-no’s of the health world: fat and sugar.  It was cheap and convenient, with emphasis on cheap.  Coming from such a foundation of poor eating it’s been 20+ year journey.  My parents weren’t educated or particularly well informed on proper eating.  Then again who really is educated on proper eating?  So (now I learned anyways) whatever they passed on to me as “healthy” eating would be half-truths or just totally off.  But with all the information out there it’s really hard to weed out hype over truth.  It wasn’t until the last few years did I realize I needed to get into shape with high blood pressure and diabetes running in my family history.  At this point everything was in good order- I didn’t have high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure… yet.

It wasn’t too long ago, maybe 2 years, that I ballooned up to 220lbs with a ~39″-40″ waist and ~25% bodyfat.  I was big but honestly never thought I was really fat.  I worked out now and then so I didn’t really care.  I would even eat fast food right after a workout as a treat thinking it wouldn’t do anything.  At this stage, I had your average gut but not the “ever so sexy keg-gut.”  You’ve seen it the big, round, smooth gut that cascades ever so majestically over a man’s belt line.  Sprinkle in a dash of stretch marks coupled with, for lack of a better term, man boobs that rival some women and you get some uber-babe magnet, right?  Um, no.  I didn’t reach the keg-gut stage so I didn’t care all that much.

The plan

So how would I accomplish such a goal?  I thought I would just start by laboring hours of cardio ’till my fat “melts” off while eating nothing but rice crackers.  Simple.  Naively I thought, why do some people make it so hard?  I mean hey that’s what I’ve seen “around” that people are doing and it should work.  Several years of informed reading later, I found out that wasn’t even close to the truth.  There’s A LOT more to take into consideration.

Closer to the “now” stage of the timeline

In December of 05, I had seen a disgusting picture of myself.  I was truly disgusted.  I didn’t recognize myself at first but then it sank it.  I was grossly overweight or at least too fat.  It was like driving 200mph into a wall.  I had to do something.  Fast forward to october of 2006.  Just before this, I had a pig-out fest at a buffet post-wedding my cousin just had.  Anyways, in october this was where my diet and fitness regimine were in the 5th gear.  Before this, I hadn’t faired much better since a few years back still hovering around 23% bodyfat and 38″-39″ waist.  I was strict, maybe a little too strict, but I was able to get my bodyfat down to around 20% with a 35″ waist.  That was in a month’s time.  But this is “really” just the national average.  Then came thanksgiving/christmas dinners.  Then one of the worst (weather-wise) winter chills that only gave me more of a reason to stay home.  Then the stress of closing a business.  Etcetera… ETCETERA!!!  All this stress and eating makes it seem like all that work was for nothing but my body was able to hold on to th results.

The now.  As of February 07′ I am roughly 200lbs, around 20%BF, and sub 34″ waist.  I’m not concerned about the weight, but I’m more concerned with bodyfat % readings.  What’s weird about the bodyfat percentage thing is that it’s fluctuated from high 17’s to low 22’s.  Yet I am more built than I’ve ever been and the thinnest since freshman year of high school.  I can see a better portion of my upper abs and muscles are showing!!!  So what gives?  Could be a number of factors but I can’t worry about that. 

 However, my end-all-be-all goal is still quite far.  The mythical 10%BF beast, the holy grail of abs is the “ultimate” goal.  This is said to be the percentage, give or take a few percentage points, where the abs will finally take the veil of fat off and show its beauty.  Thus, my quest is revealed.

Real Obstacles:

-Recurring hunger towards “bad” foods due to want and/or convenience
-Varied sleep cycles
-Not eating enough, spaced out properly
-Fast food advertisements (not really a factor anymore)

-Triceps (moot)