Oh man.  I did some cardio for an ungodly 4 hours.  I was supposed to just get in and out.  First it was 20 min of the treadmill then I went to shoot some hoops.  There was no one up there really except for one other guy who we rotated shooting baskets.  Anyways the last half hour I turned it up to play a game of 21 with a few other guys.  At this point I’m already past exhausted.  I’m thinking this is exactly how it feels after circuit training except not THAT bad.  It’s very slightly better less the nauseous feeling.

I feel like an old man.  It’s been I would say roughly a year since the ‘incident’ on the basketball court.  Long story short I chipped my front teeth.  I had a phobia of ever playing again because of that.  Anyways, my knees and ankles are lightly throbbing, if there is such a thing.  I feel pretty ecstatic right now, similar to the runner’s high.  A very content feeling.  Awesome.  Also, during the b-ball game I noticed my shoulders and chest were a bit sore.  Shoulders more internally than muscularly(?) and chest definately more muscle soreness. 

I’m just hoping that crazy amount of cardio helped with the metabolism boost without sacrificing too much muscle.  Immediately after the crazyness I, like usual with the HIT training, downed a massive quantity of protein to help with repair of the body ASAP.  We’ll see if this saps my strength aka ‘deteriorated’ my muscle.  I hope not.  I’ll stick to a slightly easier cardio regimine for the next day or two then go back into HIT training.  I’ll switch it up slightly incorporating the 5×5 style stated earlier.

I’m just imagining if it were the olden times, where the world was a more barbaric place and soldiers had nothing more than a sword or shield to claim land.  I would want my training to prepare me for something like that since it would be more applicable(ie sports) than being able to bench 500lbs for one rep.  I don’t want to get that bulky though I do wonder what my body’s capabilities are.  I know this because I went strictly mass building and when I incorporated cardio into the routine I literally couldn’t do more than 20 min of HIT style cardio.  Not very good if you have some guy charging at you with a 15lb. axe and I get winded so easily.  That was back a while ago.  Now I’m able to crank out the cardio without any problems.

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Mick C.