Just an interesting little tidbit on the increasing longevity of our four legged friends – “…upwards of 20 years for cats and small dogs, and about 12 or 13 years for medium and large dogs.”–msnbc.com. 

And even more rare, the 14 and over club.  I’m sure it has to do with better care and diet.  That’s beside the point.  Even though this is a victory over father time the price is senility among other problems.  Reportedly, a shih-tzu was able to enter a room but unable to find its way out.  This alone can be similar to what happens to the elderly of the human population.  I’ve seen stories of the senior generation getting lost and unable to find their way home.  Same deal.

Now the point being made is the resolution in the little dog’s problem.  Eating a diet fortified with omega-3 fatty acid found in healthy oils, nuts, and fish.  They also prescribed some drugs as well as other antioxidants.  But it seems like the combination of all these aided in restoring cognitive function.  Maybe it’ll be the same for people…

It proves to some extent that eating a well balanced diet will lead to a long and quality life.

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Mick C.