I’ve been noticing a trend developing against this ‘carcinogenic’ substance.  The wonderful substance that increases your LDL(bad cholesterol) and decreases the HDL(good cholesterol) yet it makes things such as burgers, fries, cookies, cakes, and pies all the more delicious.  Ah the price of eating good… well bad. 

It seems that another state (Philadelphia following New York no.1) has become a part of what seems to be a snowballing trend to ban trans fats in the state.  The fight is on and time is a ticking!  This at first seems wonderful but it’s a bit too broad which my next concern would be loopholes.  Not exactly sure how tightly regulated this ban on trans fat will be.  I guess we’ll find out a little later this year since New York will start this summer. 

Since it’s a business side controlled substance used primarily there wouldn’t be an imminent threat of ‘underground trans fat’ useage.  Pretty doubtful.

As I predicted, Mcdonald’s as of the new year (I guess their resolution) was to switch to a trans fat free oil to cook their stuff.  Burger King is also noted to do the same.  This is great.  I’ll probably check it out on my cheat day… maybe.

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Mick C.