“A salmonella outbreak that has been growing since August and now has nearly 300 cases was recently linked to peanut butter, specifically the Peter Pan and Great Value brands made by ConAgra in their Georgia plant (noted by a product code on the lid beginning with “2111.”) A salmonella outbreak isn’t that strange. What is strange is its relation to peanut butter. ” –cavalierdaily.com

Say What?  There was something wrong with spinach a while ago and now peanut butter?!  This is one of my favorite foods as it is very nutrient dense as well as holds off hunger.  “…A cheap and excellent source of protein, peanut butter is a classic favorite with University students, especially those without a meal plan who often have to rely on quick and easy cooking options. “–cavalierdaily.com.

 I use an organic brand which tastes better than the Jiff or Peter Pan brands.  Usually when you buy the organic stuff you have to mix it but not the brand I have ( can’t recall the name right now). 

I mean seriously, there’s always things that could possibly kill you/shorten your life.  New research pops up all the time that claims to back it up.  But the funny thing is how the masses believe this form of hype.  You can die from everything, even blinking.  I’m sure there’s a study about it somewhere. 

Allegedly, workers not following sanitary guidelines led to this disaster.  I guess this goes to show that this kind of contamination can be prevented but people don’t follow one of the basic principals of sanitation – wash your hands!  Pretty basic.  It’s pretty gross to see some guy at the gym use the urinal and off to workout without washing their hands.  Then when people workout they have a tendency to touch their face.  Gross.

Just to show how nasty it is in the jungle gym – after I’ve completed my workout I usually wash my hands and if not that I’ll take a shower.  But against the whiteness of the sink I can see the brown/black crap coming off of my hands.  You’d think that people working there would clean off the equipment every day…

Anyways, it is crazy that peanut butter is associated with salmonella.  Ok word association time.  I say salmonella and you say… chicken!  Wrong!  Then again its probably not as crazy as one might think.  Ever heard of the the Avian Bird Flu Pandemic? 

Oh well.  It’s really too bad for peter pan because they’ll be associated with this freak contamination.  Just like how taco bell and jack in the box contracted the e.coli strain in their foods.  Sigh.

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Mick C.

** Update – “The chicken breast recall is the fourth food recall in a week. Fresh cantaloupe and selected jars of organic baby food were recalled late Friday, and a major recall of peanut butter was initiated late Wednesday after 300 people in 39 states were sickened.”  This is getting out of hand…