The workout seemed short so I threw in some forearms.  I have this weird popping in my left wrist that makes the forearm curls uncomfortable to do.  I did some stretching of the arms and rotator cuffs in the beginning.  One thing, as has happened before, is that standing side lateral raises are killer on the wrists.  It’s terrible.  Also due to limited shoulder exercises – worth doing anyways – it only leaves the military barbell press and its familiar cousin the dumbell press without much else. 

I did notice that my triceps are getting stronger.  When I was using weighted dips for 6reps at 35lbs (that’s 200lbs +35lbs…), I cranked them out without much trouble.  As far as cable pull downs I’m nearing the end of the stack which is roughly 150lbs and I’m at 120lbs.  I’ll have to replace that exercise with skull crushers on the EZ bar.  Progress is still yet to be seen from my shoulders.

+-> questor of the holy grail of abs
Mick C.