I went to sleep last night at around 5-6p woke up for the middle of the night ‘relief’ then went back to sleep until 6a.  I’m about to go workout again and am not that sore.  The muscles in the front part of my shins(forgot what they’re called) have been sore and still are a little bit.  I just finished another multigrain pb sandwich which will give me a nice packet of steady energy in my workout.  My traps are the most sore I was shrugging 360lbs which is 4 – 45lb wheels per side.  I haven’t really gone any higher b/c that’s already pretty intense.  I’m not quite sure which body part I’ll do today but it’s going to be HIT.  I plan on doing this for another week and a half, then switching to a different style.

I’m leaning more toward the side of shoulders and triceps with some ab work possibly.

So back in the trenches!

+-> holy grail abs
Mick C.