At the event(Sat.), it started out great. 

I was planning on working out afterwards but the event left me with a headache and a really sore knee.  Anyways, it was a bit warm for my tastes but anyways as the day trudged on my knee started to bother me.  That was part of the problem.  I leaped off of a 5foot high bench – yeah it was huge – not smart.  I landed wrong, a bit more stiff-legged than I should have landed. 

Also, the floors were linoleum/concrete.  This type of surface is very unforgiving on the legs.  My heels (with crappy ‘relief’ inserts for my shoe) were killing me but for some reason my left knee started to freak out.  That’s also the knee I have osgood schlatters (sp?) which could have only added to the fact that right now its pulsating with pain. 

Saturday it was bad, its toned down some but thanks to bengay and its beautiful aroma – im not joking  – helped dull it away.  I think my fondness of the smell stems from the fact that it takes away pain.  Go figure.  Nothing like having your knee on fire to basically shift your focus of pain.  There’s a moral to the story- pain sucks ass.

I did back/traps/biceps today and finished not tired.  Unsurprising, because I’ve done HIT before and unlike circuit training I usually finish – NOT tired.  There’s more rest in HIT training.  I also ate a pb sandie on multi-grain bread pre-workout.  Might have contributed to consistent energy flow.  I love empty gyms and usually on the weekends this is the case especially in the evenings.  The worst time to workout is in the evenings on weekdays.

The thing is I took the day off after leg day and two days later I’m still feeling sore.  It’s the good kind of sore unlike my sore knee.

As a side rant – people need to learn a rule of gym ettiquette.  PUT THE WEIGHTS BACK AFTER USE.  For one thing, the next person that wants to use the machine doesn’t know if you’re finished with it.  Second, guess who has to unload the meathead’s plates?!  It honestly doesn’t take that much effort to put the stuff back.

+-> in search of the holy grail of abs <-+
Mick C.