The question was why were companies using such a bad substance in the first place?  Well it was cheap and lasted longer than other oils they had traditionally used.  It also tasted better so how could you not use it?! A pretty good business move if you ask me.  Good for them, BAD FOR US.  These food mogls now realize that consumers are becoming more educated of their business practices.  Ultimately, we say what they should do and its becoming more apparent that is the case.  After all, what we eat could either prolong our lives or shorten them.

Now I’ve heard that some fast food chains like KFC and Wendy’s were cutting out trans fat from their deep fat fryers as the buzz, or what has been the buzz, is that trans fats are to arteries as cigarettes are to lungs.  I remember eating at wendy’s pre-elimimation of the trans fats as well as after and the fries at least were a bit drier and not as tasty.  I would only suspect the same trend will go for a bunch of restaurants especially the bigger food giants like McDonald’s or Jack in the box.

This can be seen in a variety of other foods-

…”Nabisco Corp. is trying to develop an Oreo that looks and tastes exactly like it does now, but without the artery-clogging trans fat that can significantly increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

The Oreo makeover is part of a broader revolution taking place on American supermarket shelves in advance of a nutrition labeling requirement of trans fat that begins in 2006. Companies are spending millions of dollars to rid their products of trans fat on the assumption that anything other than a zero on the label will send sales plummeting.” —

Listed above were only a few companies of the many sprinkled all over the article.

But recently, as I was looking on a package of skittles (part of Masterfoods/Mars Inc) it stated that there was 0g Trans fat yet part of the ingredients listing hydrogenated palm kernal oil as one of its ingredients only after sugar and corn syrup.  Now I might be a bit confused on trans fats but wasn’t the idea of them associated with the words hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated?  It’s a bit confusing as to what they’re really saying.  As for the oreo, I did look on the package for trans fat but in my haste didn’t look at anything else.

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Mick C.