As I lay sleeping, or trying to anyways, I had some thoughts.  That’s probably one of reasons I couldn’t sleep.  Anyways, as I lay there I was thinking of the phrase “one cannot bend the rules if they don’t know them.”  This very idea relates to nutrition and fitness.  All these self-proclaimed gurus or certified trainers throw in their two cents.  This is how you should work out or this is how you should diet and this is why my ideas are better than the next.  This is what becomes a fad diet.  There are many of them and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a revival in the next few years.

We live in a “want it now” world and it’s only bad for us that we have become this way.  It’s worse so when people acknowledge those ideas. 

It only compounds the problem when people are just lazy.  So you put the lazy and “want it now” mentality which equals long term failure.  Getting those holy grail six pack abs takes work.  The idea of “the gym” for some people is like going to the dentist for some.  I happen to not mind either.  Now making this a habit to go to this awful place would be counterintuitive so human nature would tell us to stop ‘hurting’ ourselves.  The key lies in making it a habit so it would be effortless to build muscle, lose fat or both.  I might have to backup a few steps because we only wish it could be effortless.  Only few have the discipline to make it effortless and discipline isn’t easy.

So after my little rant on what’s wrong with society’s eating and our education in it comes to this.  We have to know the intricacies of our bodies.  Yes we all have our individual differences but we do have a baseline of similarities as well.  Figuring this baseline would be a bit harder to do.  After we figure this out and the “rules” on how our bodies process the meals we take in can we lose fat and/or gain muscle.  Perhaps the main key would be understanding metabolism as it is the very heart of understanding how our bodies utilize calories.  This is the map to the holy grail of six pack abs and only until we understand this map can we find our treasure.

+->in search of the holy grail of six pack abs <-+
Mick C.