Not exactly the best start with getting cut.  After my somewhat coherent blogging earlier this morning I decided I was hungry.  There was absolutely nothing in the fridge so I grabbed some chips and a cheese danish.  I also pounded down a protein shake.  Yes I said cheese danish and for some reason, either from guilt or just well the cheese danish, I’m feeling like I downed a couple of 12 packs the other night.  Great!

Here I am a good 12 hrs later.  And yes I woke up that much later give or take a few hours.  My head is hurting and yet I’m about to go circuit training in a few hours and don’t exactly feel like going.  The gym is going to be packed at this hour which is another reason I don’t want to go – because there’s a good chance the equipment I need to use is already occupied.  I always hate asking, “oh can I work in one set” because I basically have to rush to do a set and move on.  I can’t take a few seconds to focus then crank out the reps.

 It’s already been about two days but eating two small bags of sun chips and a cheese danish with 5g of trans fats isn’t the best way to start.  I just got finished with some irish cut oats with a dash of splenda.  It keeps ya regular buuuuut I don’t like oatmeal as well as a protein shake.  The thing is it will definately help with the energy sustanence during a heavy workout… or so I think.

**Just a side rant but those protein shaker bottles need some type of ‘locking’ mechanism on the sipping area of the lid.  I had my very pink strawberry flavored protein shake pour over all my nice white socks, jeans and shirt.  This was the first time it happened but I always thought ‘what if” my protein shake opened.  I had to clean out my very large adidas gym bag.  There was crap everywhere, papers with routines printed on them, a burst open sack of silica pellets, soggy BCAA pills that spilled from a lidless bottle, hooks and my dip belt which didn’t feel wet but smelled a bit like the protein shake.  There’s still a faint smell remaining in my gym bag of the strawberry protein shake even after a thorough rinsing as well as overnight drying.

I still can remember how it happened *flashback* seeing a few drips in my gym locker’s inside white walls.  Then thinking it was nothing until I realized it was a pink liquid.  I quickly grabbed my then empty protein bottle.  “AH SH&*” a dreary realization creeped in: I was out two things – a hot shower b/c no change of clothes and the protein shake I need immediately after an intense workout.  Then some genius parked behind me so I couldn’t easily get out.  I had to literally “S” my way out, something that’s not taught in driver’s ed.  It wasn’t particularly easy with my huge SUV.  This whole ordeal was an unneeded wrench in the works for sure.

 As always,
+-> in the quest of the holy grail of six pack abs <-+
Mick C.