Wow.  De ja Vu.  I was “resting” my shoulder for 2 days and it seemed that my stamina disappeared during this circuit training.  I know what it was from though.  I’m pretty sure eating noodles until my eyeballs popped out, several slices of pizza and that fiasco this morning didn’t help anything.  It definately sapped the stamina out of my circuit training.  After the second circuit I was about ready to call it quits but I sucked it up and finished.  The headache appeared right around the beginning of the third circuit and… yeah it sucked. 

As for right now I’m actually feeling pretty good.  I hope I can get to sleep within the next few hours because I’m trying to keep my sleep schedule regular.  It tends to deviate quite severely then right back on track and then off – all the time.  I liked it better when I did circuit training in the morning.  There was hardly anybody there so I had free reign over whatever equipment I wanted to use.  So it’s pretty important I accomplish this because I don’t need more reasons not to work out.

While working out I noticed a man in a yellow collared shirt was benching 180lbs.  I have to admit I was a little jealous.  The thing is my physique looks like it could handle it but I can barely get out 6 reps at 140lbs.  The thing is my shoulders aren’t strong which directly impacts how much I can lift on my chest.  So until I can up the shoulder strength the bench press is going to stay at 140lbs.

I’m also going to cut aspartame out of my diet.  Before I used to drink diet sodas with the artificial sweetner I would get headaches.  Now Sam’s Club ran out of the stuff that I usually got that uses Splenda.  I think there’s recurring side effects from aspartame so I’ll steer clear indefinately and stick with splenda which has no side effect.

+-> in the quest of the holy grail of six pack abs <-+
Mick C.