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Just got finished writing up “The Tale Of A Warrior” aka my short bio in regards to health/fitness.  It’s in the early Sunday AM and am feeling tired.  So with that I will be short on my first post. 

My current regimine includes circuit training.  These could be considered functional exercises and blends weight training with stamina training.  To be clear, functional exercises don’t necessarily need additional weights.  Some good examples would be pushups, dips and pullups(palm away). 

The focus of this type of training is burning fat.  My priority is burning fat as well as preserving muscle, not so much gaining muscle.  This was a switch from purely bodybuilding strategy, a truly HIIT or HIT style of training aka High Intensity Interval Training aka low reps low sets high weights that I had been doing for months prior.  I did lost weight primarily from this type of training described in the october period of my bio.  However, one thing I didn’t like about that strategy was it didn’t really address plateaus.  You’d just keep adding very small amounts of weight every week or two but when you reached your plateau you can’t just keep adding weights! Then what!?

At first when I started this circuit training I would literally feel like I was in a UFC fight edging into the final minutes of the last round after some intense grappling ie tired and somewhat light-headed.  I was out of breath and out of energy but was able to eek out the last rep on the third circuit.  In the course of slightly over a week I had done some damage to my shoulder.  It’s nothing major but still enough that I should rest periodically.  The good thing: I was able to complete the circuits without that groggy/nauseous feeling in a relatively short period of time. 

The circuit comprises of a dozen or so exercises incorporating big compound movements like the squat and bench press.  The one thing I dread in this circuit is the standing military barbell press.  My shoulders and chest aren’t particularly that strong, my shoulders especially.  They’ve plateaued at around 100lbs doing the standard sitting MBP(it’s been several months!).  I have a feeling I’m not training enough of my front delts (one of three heads in the shoulder).  Also, there are a limited number of exercises and I’ve injured both of my wrists with slightly more emphasis on my left where I sprained doing dumbell chest presses.  Injured wrists = limit on how much weight you can lift in certain exercises like the upright row or standing side lateral raises.  So there’s not a lot of ‘effective’ options to training the shoulder.  The plateaus might also be because I need to do some supplemental rotator cuff training. sigh.

Pain is a sign.  It means you need to stop and rest for at least a day depending on how bad it hurts.  I’ve read that no more that 3 days at a time or you’re just being lazy.  I figured since it was a hybrid training style I could go for a while 3 days straight then rest a day and keep going the 3 on -1 off cycle. 

As far as diet goes, I’m still experimenting with this.  I’ve read about different ratios 40/40/20, 50/30/20 and so on.  This is the proportion of calories allotted over the course of daily intake of calories like 40% carbs 40% protein and 20% fats.  I still think the carbs is a little on the high side because I’ve calculated it to be approximately 2 subway footlong subs for my weight 200lbs.  According to the 40/40/20 ratio I need to eat 200g protein, 200g carbs and 100g of fats.  I think more realistically I should be eating 200g-250g protein, 100g carbs or less and 100g fats mostly poly- and mono- unsaturated fats.

 So much for being short on the first post…

+-> In pursuit of the holy grail of abs <-+
Mick C.