Ok, the next few days are for rest.  I believe the higher reps with moderate weights definately helped with hytrophy.  My chest is in pain.  Not the bad kind of pain but the ‘REALLY GOOD SORE’ if you will.  This isn’t the usual dull soreness I get but a more painful soreness.  Anyways, I’ll be resting as protocol for the next few days to let my muscles recover.  I’ll have to ditch the 5×5 as it’s too similar to the 2-3s by 4-6r and amp up the reps.  We’ll see how things go

Mick C.


Had a what I would consider poor workout.  I might have to up the reps over the weight but for some reason I still can’t get past 140lbs.  Not enough protein?  Not enough ???  I can only imagine that it’s my lack of protein intake.  Kinda bummed.

One positive is that when I was looking in the mirror my back is starting to get developed.  I’m seeing some nice lines and muscles which is great.  Well it’s time for … time off.  So i’ll be hitting the weights either on sunday or monday. 

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Mick C.

I haven’t updated my blog in a while mostly because it would have been the same post workout meanderings.  Anyways, I’ve been on the 5×5 program for close to a week, just one more day to go and I’m sore from everything.  I’ll continue this as well as having +1.0g/lb of body weight so minimum of 200 grams of protein per day.  This isn’t an easy task.  Oh well…

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Mick C.

My legs actually still feel a bit sore from a few days back so i’m not sure if I’m able to do legs today.  I’ll slowly crawl into it I guess.

On another note, in the war against trans fat girl scout cookies have soon followed in their pursuit of the perfect “thin mint” without the consequence as of 05′. Nice.
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Mick C.

Oh man.  I did some cardio for an ungodly 4 hours.  I was supposed to just get in and out.  First it was 20 min of the treadmill then I went to shoot some hoops.  There was no one up there really except for one other guy who we rotated shooting baskets.  Anyways the last half hour I turned it up to play a game of 21 with a few other guys.  At this point I’m already past exhausted.  I’m thinking this is exactly how it feels after circuit training except not THAT bad.  It’s very slightly better less the nauseous feeling.

I feel like an old man.  It’s been I would say roughly a year since the ‘incident’ on the basketball court.  Long story short I chipped my front teeth.  I had a phobia of ever playing again because of that.  Anyways, my knees and ankles are lightly throbbing, if there is such a thing.  I feel pretty ecstatic right now, similar to the runner’s high.  A very content feeling.  Awesome.  Also, during the b-ball game I noticed my shoulders and chest were a bit sore.  Shoulders more internally than muscularly(?) and chest definately more muscle soreness. 

I’m just hoping that crazy amount of cardio helped with the metabolism boost without sacrificing too much muscle.  Immediately after the crazyness I, like usual with the HIT training, downed a massive quantity of protein to help with repair of the body ASAP.  We’ll see if this saps my strength aka ‘deteriorated’ my muscle.  I hope not.  I’ll stick to a slightly easier cardio regimine for the next day or two then go back into HIT training.  I’ll switch it up slightly incorporating the 5×5 style stated earlier.

I’m just imagining if it were the olden times, where the world was a more barbaric place and soldiers had nothing more than a sword or shield to claim land.  I would want my training to prepare me for something like that since it would be more applicable(ie sports) than being able to bench 500lbs for one rep.  I don’t want to get that bulky though I do wonder what my body’s capabilities are.  I know this because I went strictly mass building and when I incorporated cardio into the routine I literally couldn’t do more than 20 min of HIT style cardio.  Not very good if you have some guy charging at you with a 15lb. axe and I get winded so easily.  That was back a while ago.  Now I’m able to crank out the cardio without any problems.

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Mick C.

Just an interesting little tidbit on the increasing longevity of our four legged friends – “…upwards of 20 years for cats and small dogs, and about 12 or 13 years for medium and large dogs.”–msnbc.com. 

And even more rare, the 14 and over club.  I’m sure it has to do with better care and diet.  That’s beside the point.  Even though this is a victory over father time the price is senility among other problems.  Reportedly, a shih-tzu was able to enter a room but unable to find its way out.  This alone can be similar to what happens to the elderly of the human population.  I’ve seen stories of the senior generation getting lost and unable to find their way home.  Same deal.

Now the point being made is the resolution in the little dog’s problem.  Eating a diet fortified with omega-3 fatty acid found in healthy oils, nuts, and fish.  They also prescribed some drugs as well as other antioxidants.  But it seems like the combination of all these aided in restoring cognitive function.  Maybe it’ll be the same for people…

It proves to some extent that eating a well balanced diet will lead to a long and quality life.

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Mick C.

This past week was HIT intensive and I am going for a rest period of two days.  I was doing 2 sets at 5-6reps (except squats which was 3 sets). I think I’ll modify the training regimine still following HIT but using 5×5 style.  I’ve read some good things about it but don’t know how it will work out so I’ll give it a shot.

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Mick C.

I’ve been noticing a trend developing against this ‘carcinogenic’ substance.  The wonderful substance that increases your LDL(bad cholesterol) and decreases the HDL(good cholesterol) yet it makes things such as burgers, fries, cookies, cakes, and pies all the more delicious.  Ah the price of eating good… well bad. 

It seems that another state (Philadelphia following New York no.1) has become a part of what seems to be a snowballing trend to ban trans fats in the state.  The fight is on and time is a ticking!  This at first seems wonderful but it’s a bit too broad which my next concern would be loopholes.  Not exactly sure how tightly regulated this ban on trans fat will be.  I guess we’ll find out a little later this year since New York will start this summer. 

Since it’s a business side controlled substance used primarily there wouldn’t be an imminent threat of ‘underground trans fat’ useage.  Pretty doubtful.

As I predicted, Mcdonald’s as of the new year (I guess their resolution) was to switch to a trans fat free oil to cook their stuff.  Burger King is also noted to do the same.  This is great.  I’ll probably check it out on my cheat day… maybe.

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Mick C.

“A salmonella outbreak that has been growing since August and now has nearly 300 cases was recently linked to peanut butter, specifically the Peter Pan and Great Value brands made by ConAgra in their Georgia plant (noted by a product code on the lid beginning with “2111.”) A salmonella outbreak isn’t that strange. What is strange is its relation to peanut butter. ” –cavalierdaily.com

Say What?  There was something wrong with spinach a while ago and now peanut butter?!  This is one of my favorite foods as it is very nutrient dense as well as holds off hunger.  “…A cheap and excellent source of protein, peanut butter is a classic favorite with University students, especially those without a meal plan who often have to rely on quick and easy cooking options. “–cavalierdaily.com.

 I use an organic brand which tastes better than the Jiff or Peter Pan brands.  Usually when you buy the organic stuff you have to mix it but not the brand I have ( can’t recall the name right now). 

I mean seriously, there’s always things that could possibly kill you/shorten your life.  New research pops up all the time that claims to back it up.  But the funny thing is how the masses believe this form of hype.  You can die from everything, even blinking.  I’m sure there’s a study about it somewhere. 

Allegedly, workers not following sanitary guidelines led to this disaster.  I guess this goes to show that this kind of contamination can be prevented but people don’t follow one of the basic principals of sanitation – wash your hands!  Pretty basic.  It’s pretty gross to see some guy at the gym use the urinal and off to workout without washing their hands.  Then when people workout they have a tendency to touch their face.  Gross.

Just to show how nasty it is in the jungle gym – after I’ve completed my workout I usually wash my hands and if not that I’ll take a shower.  But against the whiteness of the sink I can see the brown/black crap coming off of my hands.  You’d think that people working there would clean off the equipment every day…

Anyways, it is crazy that peanut butter is associated with salmonella.  Ok word association time.  I say salmonella and you say… chicken!  Wrong!  Then again its probably not as crazy as one might think.  Ever heard of the the Avian Bird Flu Pandemic? 

Oh well.  It’s really too bad for peter pan because they’ll be associated with this freak contamination.  Just like how taco bell and jack in the box contracted the e.coli strain in their foods.  Sigh.

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Mick C.

** Update – “The chicken breast recall is the fourth food recall in a week. Fresh cantaloupe and selected jars of organic baby food were recalled late Friday, and a major recall of peanut butter was initiated late Wednesday after 300 people in 39 states were sickened.”  This is getting out of hand…

The workout seemed short so I threw in some forearms.  I have this weird popping in my left wrist that makes the forearm curls uncomfortable to do.  I did some stretching of the arms and rotator cuffs in the beginning.  One thing, as has happened before, is that standing side lateral raises are killer on the wrists.  It’s terrible.  Also due to limited shoulder exercises – worth doing anyways – it only leaves the military barbell press and its familiar cousin the dumbell press without much else. 

I did notice that my triceps are getting stronger.  When I was using weighted dips for 6reps at 35lbs (that’s 200lbs +35lbs…), I cranked them out without much trouble.  As far as cable pull downs I’m nearing the end of the stack which is roughly 150lbs and I’m at 120lbs.  I’ll have to replace that exercise with skull crushers on the EZ bar.  Progress is still yet to be seen from my shoulders.

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Mick C.